Who we are

The Finlite Group is an innovative and creative hub set up with the mission to harness cutting edge technology in advancing e-learning solutions across the academic and professional segments of the educational landscape.

Finlite carries the vision to pioneer the change in the face of Ghanaian academic and professional education through the deployment of unique web-based and real time e-learning solutions that are easily adaptable to the educational requirements of every Ghanaian and ultimately, every African. At Finlite, we believe in progressive empowerment through the provision of adequate and relevant knowledge at every stage of education.


The Finlite Group is committed to the advancement of e-learning in Africa. With our cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and dedicated staff; our goal is to facilitate online learning. The achievement of sustainable growth and profitability through integrity, teamwork, and high-performance is central to our mission. We also strive to outperform our competitors using innovation and excellence. Finally we are committed to maximising the well-being of our employees, clients, contributors and the community in which we operate.


To be the leading provider of e-learning services in Africa by 2018.
Customer Responsiveness - Offering customers quick Internet-based solutions to facilitate teaching and learning.
High Quality & Performance - Offering superb quality solutions powered by the most modern technology at reasonable prices.
Integrity - Ensuring that customers get value for money
Corporate Social Responsibility - Contributing to the educational development and growth of the nation's future leaders.