FinMock is a cost effective and easy to use platform that features all past questions for all subjects under the GES syllabus from 1992 to date for both B.E.C.E and WASSCE exams. The FinMock database contains more than 600 questions per subject. FinMock is set-up in a clean and well organised structure with a timer to help prepare students for their final year exams. Results are generated instantly and reports sent to any interested parties on request. Register at to get a free a trial and contact us afterwards for the full package. You can also download the FinMock JHS or FinMock WASSCE Apps from the Google Play store and Windows store for free and practice till you are perfect.

Our philosophy
LEARNING IS A LIFESTYLE. Practice makes perfect
Goals & values
  1. Be better prepared for exams through practice

  2. Take timed test to improve speed and accuracy

  3. Get instant subject by subject feedback

  4. Try tests from 20 year database