Mihomework.com is a learning platform developed to complement teaching and learning by providing students with standardized assessments on all subjects and topics treated at the Junior High School Level. To help students improve their understanding, revise and prepare for both internal and external exams, Mihomework platform marks tests and provide explanations to correct answers instantly. Mihomework engages parents and teachers on the activities of their children on the platform by providing daily reports on tests taken in real time with the aim of helping to get the best out of them. Mihomework can be assessed from anywhere with a laptop, Desktop, tablet and any smartphone that has internet connection. Click here to experience a better way for your family and friends to spend their time.
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Our philosophy
LEARNING IS A LIFESTYLE. Practice makes perfect
Goals & values
  1. Standardized Questions for all Subjects

  2. Explanations to answers

  3. Instant report to Parents and Teachers

  4. Free up time for Effective (Teacher-pupil) Classroom interaction

  5. Involves parents in the learning process